A smart watch can be said to be a computerized gadget the utility of which increases with use. The popularity of smart watches in India shows ample proof of their utility of the same. While most buyers are a bit skeptical about the same before buying, they cannot stop using the same after buying. Its innumerable uses make it an important addition to a person’s life. Some of the ways in which a smart watch can help to make a person’s life easier are:

  • Notifications: In today’s world time is always in short supply. Hence, to be able to use time properly, smartwatches can receive notifications that can be read just by a flick of the wrist. The wearer can then decide if he needs to act on the same and take the smart phone out of his pocket. For unimportant notifications, he can continue doing whatever he was doing without any interruptions.
  • Social etiquette: Checking to see messages or caller ids on the smart phone in the middle of a conversation can seem rude to the other people concerned. But checking out the same on the android watch will help maintain social etiquette and still get the job done.
  • Ease of control: There are many controls that need to be changed from time to time like volume, lights etc. These can also be done very easily from the smart watch thereby eliminating the need to have to take out the phone and then work with the controls.
  • Call answer: The ability to answer calls from the phone makes for one of the best android smart watch ever. The ability to answer or even decline an incoming call right from the smart watch worn at the wrist is an important aspect of the same. in fact, smart watches go even a step further by activating the smart phone’s microphone and speaker whenever a call comes in after displaying the number on the watch screen.
  • Fitness: Trackers are used to keeping a count of small things connected to fitness like the number of calories burnt, number of steps taken, etc. But remembering to wear a tracker every time one goes out for a brisk walk is a hassle most people want to do without. Hence eventually they simply forget to wear the tracker. However, the smart watch can prove to be one of the best fitness trackers with its ability to count steps, run dedicated fitness apps, etc. Also since it is a watch, wearing it is a habit most people do with their eyes closed.
  • Retains battery life: The more one uses the smart phone, the more its battery drains. But with the smart watch doing a number of its initial functions, there is lesser stress on its battery which tends to last longer than other smart phones.
  • Navigation: The use of GPS and following the instructions sent on the smart phone can be quite a problem while driving. But it is much easier to take a look at the road instructions given when it is on a smart watch worn on the wrist.

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Hence be it as a fitness band or a navigator or music system, the smart watch can perform all the roles allocated to it with ease thereby enabling the wearer to lead a relatively hassle-free life.

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