From PDA to Business Smartphone

The smartphones that conquered today’s cell phone market are actually the descendents of the first business smartphones also known as the PDA (or personal data assistant).

The main difference between a smartphone and yesterday’s PDA phone is the entertaining part of the software and all the entertaining features. The PDA was designed to be just useful, because their main target was the business person. It is amazing how a small but smart device managed to improve the dull life of this category of people.

The business person was tied to the office, the computer and the phone. Researching, reading and replying e-mails, storing and managing business data and information, these were all done on the PC. Missing a phone call is also a very big deal in the business world so constant contact with the phone had to be maintained.

The PDA was the best solution for the business man because all the problems related to such a harsh lifestyle were simply disappearing due to the services it provided. It was able to access the internet, read and reply e-mails, and its basic mobile phone functions were also helpful. The majority of these devices even had software versions that were capable of reading and editing Office files such as Word documents, PowerPoint documents or Excel. realme

The life of a business person was completely revolutionized ever since. The PDAs were great but the problem was that it was made for only a small category of people. The manufacturers saw an opportunity in the idea of a highly capable, intelligent phone that could ease the life of ordinary people and the PDA was given a friendly look, a side that was more human. Its capabilities were designed to satisfy the needs of ordinary people this time.

This new device was not just a “personal data assistant” any more. It became the best friend any person could have, because it did not only help with the strong and reliable internet access but it also provided simple and easy access to most of the internet’s popular services like socializing platforms, photo and video sharing sites, everything a regular person could need from such a device. It also became entertaining and it was always easily renewable due to easy upgrades and updates of the software. Plus, the on-line application markets became easily accessible directly from the phone and they were continuously improving their range of third party entertaining and useful apps.

They managed to do influence ordinary people’s lives just like the PDA did with the business persons. Many dull tasks that required staying home on a personal PC became available through this small and portable device. Socializing platforms were at the reach of any user’s fingers, anywhere in the world. Also, having the largest worldwide information database on such a small device and easily accessible from anywhere represented then and still does now, probably the most amazing feature of these devices.


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