Smart watches are generally designed to act as companion devices that integrate with a smartphone by using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. In fact today because of the blurring of the line between a smart watch and a fitness tracker, it is being increasingly touted as being the best fitness band. Thus it helps to keep a tab on the health conditions of the wearer by monitoring the heart rate, measuring the calories burnt, steps are taken, etc.

Some dos and don’ts which need to be kept in mind are:

  • Always buy a smart watch that will sync with the smartphone the user.
  • The presence of the GPS and heart rate monitor is generally mandatory.
  • The battery life of the smart watch has to be taken into account.
  • The smart watch should continue to function as a watch and show time when not being actively used.
  • Always choose a smart watch with an easy-to-use buckle, clasp, or strap.
  • The selection of applications should be as per the requirement of the user.

Certain features that need special consideration when looking at the different brands, designs, and styles of smart watches  are:

  • Display: Almost all smart watches today come equipped with an AMOLED display or an LCD screen which enables the user to view onscreen contents like photos, apps, etc., in bright and rich colors. In fact, in order to compensate for the power used to display these colors, smart watches tend to conserve power by going off to sleep when not in use.
  • Device compatibility: There has to be an absolute sync between the smartphone and the smart watch purchased. Hence if the user uses an android smartphone, he should opt for the best android smartwatch compatible with his mobile. And an Apple Watch only works with an iPhone.
  • Interface: There are two ways of interfacing with the smart watch-touch and the use of buttons. While the use of touch is always better when using a smartphone, using it on a smart watch can be quite tricky. This is because smart watches are smaller in size and hence navigating it using buttons seems easier. But new innovations and advances in technology have come up with smart watches which are able to handle touch easily. In fact, some smart watches also have combo interfaces that are able to interact with both buttons and touch simultaneously.
  • Apps and watchfaces: Platforms like Android, Google, iOS etc., have come up with a number of applications which are compatible to their respective smart watches. While in some watches these apps can only be installed in the smart phones and used from there, the Android watch allows the user to install them directly into it. This feature is of great importance especially for people who are fitness freaks since they can convert their smart watch into the best fitness tracker.

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As people come to understand the utility and importance of the smart watch, it is slowly but surely gaining momentum where its popularity is concerned. Also technological advances are also bringing it more improvements in its functioning thereby making it a real gadget to watch out for.

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