SEO Trends and Stats to Help You Dominate Locally in 2022

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) trends is key to success. If you wish to do well, you should try to keep up. Unfortunately, your competitors will also do their best to improve. The good thing is you can always ask for help from local experts like a Cleveland SEO company. If your business operates in this city, you can seek help from these experts. Here are some trends you should know if you want to do well. 

Google will remain as the leading search engine

Over 90% of Internet users still rely on Google for online searches. It shows how dominant Google is in this industry. Therefore, if you wish to excel, you have to find ways to please Google’s algorithms. While there are other search engines available, you should stick with Google. Ask a Cleveland SEO expert if you want more ideas on satisfying Google with the right strategies. 

Being on top won’t be enough

While every business strives to reach the first page of Google, it won’t be enough. Sure, getting to the first page is already a tall order. However, other things are appearing on the first page these days. In between snippets, ads, and questions, ranking on the first page alone won’t suffice. It doesn’t mean you should let go of all strategies that put you on top. The point is you have to work harder and try doing other things.

For instance, you must do more to get the snippets. Answer the most common questions people ask. Include short responses and use bullet points, if possible. You should reach the first page and inch your way towards the snippet boxes. 

You also have to consider PPC campaigns. While SEO is free, reaching the top can take a while. It’s better if you also pay per click to receive an ad on the first page. You want to increase visibility. Besides, having two website links appearing on top will only boost your company’s reputation. 

Long-form content will help your marketing efforts

Sure, many people are too busy, and they have no time to read long articles. It doesn’t mean that you have to let go of long-form content. The truth is you need more of them on your website. The reason is that it gives people a long time to stay on the page. If they find the content interesting, they will keep on reading. It doesn’t matter if it takes them several minutes. A lower bounce rate will help improve your search engine ranking. Besides, writing long-form content also shows how much you know about the industry. It tells people that your business is reliable. You can win more potential customers over with this effort. 

Video marketing must be a priority

While you want to give people a reason to stay on your website using longer content, you should also focus on videos. More people want to watch short and entertaining videos. They also go viral quickly. When you succeed in creating viral content, your business will be an overnight success. Make sure you don’t advertise on these videos. The goal is to entertain or inform. The video must be creative and easy to understand. It’s like writing an article. You have to prove that your company is an industry leader. 


Hopefully, you understand these trends well and create the right strategies to dominate the competition. Remember that even if you’re only trying to win over local audiences, you’re up for a tough fight. You should keep up with the trends and not give up. You must also seek help whenever possible.

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