The easiest way to personalise your stickers


Are you looking to get some personalised stickers printed for your new start-up or an event you want to promote?


Don’t have a design & have no idea how to create a beautiful sticker that will stand out with a tight budget?


We can help you! 


Enter Sticker it – the UK-based sticker printing company has recently launched a new tool you can use to create your own sticker designs online. They even have a vast library of pre-made designs you can use or edit to create professional-looking stickers in minutes, with minimal skills needed.


What types of designs can I create?


You can create almost anything you can imagine. Do you need stickers for your new beer? No problem, they have a range of pre-designed beverage bottle labels you can edit to make your own.


The list really is endless.


How easy is it?


Extremely simple. There are hundreds of templates available to use to create an excellent looking design within minutes. 


If you’d like to get more complex, you can create designs from scratch – this, of course, requires an eye for design, so we recommend this only if you’ve got this.


What stickers can be personalised?


All different types of stickers can be personalised, and the applications are endless. Die cut name badges, wedding stickers and sticky labels for bottles are some of the most popular applications. 


You can get your design printed onto different coloured materials so that they can create incredible effects, such as; metallic, glittery, fluorescent and transparent.


How can I get started?


To get started visit Sticker it & either search for a pre-made template (highly recommended), upload your current design & edit it or create a design from scratch.


The online design tool is super intuitive to use, so it’s easy to dive straight in and just have a go. You can even get just a few stickers to see how they look & if you like more, go back for more!


Happy creating!


We’d love to hear what designs you’ve created. Please comment below, letting us know.


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