iPhone 12 pro max is a revolutionary device by Apple, designed exclusively for professional photographers. Designed for professional photographers only, it has all the great features of the regular iPhone, at a price that is hard to resist. Amazingly, Apple have priced it at a whole lot lower than its iPhone counterparts. You can now get the ultimate professional camera for a fraction of the price. iphone 12 pro max

The iPhone 12 pro max makes use of the latest technology in the camera sector. A large leap forward for pro. 5G compatible to download large files and stream HD video. Larger 6.7 inch Super Retina XDR screen, which is twice as large as the iPhone 7 Plus screen. Ceramic shield with four times greater low light photography capability.

Amazing low-light photography using the best Pro photo phone system on an iPhone, plus advanced augmented reality features including, real time geo-referencing and object recognition. With the addition of live stitching and cinematic-quality audio you now have the most realistic photographic experience with your iPhone 12 pro max. 4K recording in high Definition quality at up to two hours per side with panoramic images. Further, you can also shoot in slow motion with manual controls for time, subject and action.

In this article I would like to focus on the charging process and what to look out for when buying the iPhone 12 pro max. Although the iPhone 12 pro max is larger and heavier than the regular iPhone it packs a whole lot more power. Compared to the regular sized iPhones the 12 mini has about twice the RAM. Therefore it makes sense to buy one for yourself asap as they can become slow with prolonged usage.

It’s very strange that Apple chose to launch the 6.7 inch screen iPhone in its largest size yet it uses the least amount of power of any Apple product yet it has introduced the innovative new camera technology. It takes up for the slightly higher priced iPhone but it certainly comes with a lot more features and memories. The iPhone 12 mini has a single camera in the form of a built in lens on its top and although there are a few external cameras available, it is mostly limited to shooting stills or simple video clips. If you are looking for a professional looking camera then I would urge you to go for the bigger iPhone 12 pro max as it will definitely help you capture and organise more professional looking photos.

Overall the iPhone 12 pro max is a great phone and although I am not one hundred percent convinced that the camera is as good as the iPhone 6, it is certainly a step up from the iPhone 7 Plus. At the end of the day though, what matters most is that you have taken your first professional photos with your new phone. This is something that you can only dream about and is really worth all the money spent on the iPhone. For those of you that are thinking of purchasing an iPhone in the next year or so, I would urge you to go for the iPhone 12 pro max. You will never regret the purchase and in fact you may find it to be one of the most important phones you have bought in a long time.

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