Winter Treks in Himalayas – Feel the Ecstasy in the Snow

‘Snow flurries are about to fall and swirl around people’s legs like house cats. The moment is entrancing! One should tighten his or her shoe-lays and plan an adventure trip to feel the pulse of natural pulchritude… ‘ Trekking in winters is one of the most favored adventure activities that have achieved recognition, especially among the young citizens of India. With the changing times, the interest of the vacationers has also changed and local as well as the international tourists are constantly looking to enjoy the thrill of winter adventures in India. Today, trekking in India is an ultimate experience as the mighty Himalayas ranges are replete with incredible and enthralling trekking routes during the winter season. Why one should trek in winters? The hues of the Himalayas and its surrounding panorama turn into white due to the fluffs of cotton snow covering them. Trekking, especially in the high crests of the Himalayas, is an entirely different experience in itself. In the winter season, the snow-clad Himalayas become a trekker’s paradise. One of the good reasons to trek in the Himalayas during winters is that it just feels excellent to get out of the home and indulge in a little work out while enjoying the Mother Nature.

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